U.S. OIL and GAS plc's (Ticker: USOP) core activities are in the USA, with ongoing exploration activity in Nevada where the company holds a large lease acreage.

Shares in Issue & Significant Shareholders

Date: 20 April 2017

Number of Shares in Issue:  55,533,167 Ordinary Shares

Director’s Shareholding – Direct and indirect

                                Total               % of Issued Shares
Brian McDonnell       3,913,234            7.04%
Peter Whelan              564,118             1.01%
Karim Akrawi             100,000             0.18%

Significant Shareholders
The following persons and companies had an interest of 3% or more in the issued share capital

                                                      % of Issued Shares
JIM Nominees Limited                          21.2%
Daveycrest Nominees Limited             13.7%
Aurum Nominees Limited                     4.65%
Redmayne (Nominees) Ltd                    4.34%
Brian McDonnell                                   7.04%